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It wasn’t too long ago that it felt impossible to be able to shop zero waste in Cheshire East. Over the last 18 months though we have been blessed with a great array of refill shops in our local area.

These shops provide a real eco alternative to the big brand high street shops and supermarkets. They sell everything from food, household essentials, on the go items, gifts, cleaning products and more.

The other thing this great range of small businesses have in common is that they are all sustainable brands who care about the environment and people.

Why is zero waste shopping important?

We all know the problems that excessive packaging and single use plastic are causing and the subsequent impact on the planet. Zero waste shops offer a real alternative by enabling their customers to use their own tubs and jars to fill and refill bulk wholefoods, natural beauty and cleaning products plus much more.

There are over 200 hundred refill shops in the UK and in Cheshire East we are lucky to have a variety to choose from.

Zero Waste Shops in Cheshire East

Scoop & Scales, Macclesfield

Scoop & Scales is a cooperative that launched in Macclesfield in October 2020. They offer a great range of refill and zero-waste products from brands such as Tony’s, Miniml and Suma. They also support local artists and stock a great range of sustainable gifts.

As Scoop & Scales grow they aim to invest in the local community while growing as an eco-hub and recently hosted the first Macclesfield Repair Cafe.

*full disclosure I am a part of the management team for Scoop & Scales and wonderfully proud of all the great work we are doing for the local community.

Photo of Soph & Meg from We Are Rootstock a Bollington based zero waste shop

We Are Rootstock, Bollington

The brainchild of friends Soph & Meg, We Are Rootstock is a zero-waste wholefoods and refill shop based in the Cheshire East village of Bollington.

They stock a range of wholefoods and refill items for an easy zero-waste shopping experience including a range of kits for bathrooms, pets and kitchen to help you get started on your zero-waste journey.

Logo for The Village Green a zero waste shop in Alderley Edge.

The Village Green, Alderley Edge

Originally launching as That Refill Place in 2020, The Village Green found a permanent home in Alderley Edge in 2021. They stock a wide range of eco-friendly products for sustainable living. 

Their range includes everything from oat milk to sun cream and they also offer national delivery.

Logo for The Plastic Free Weigh a Knutsford based zero waste shop

The Plastic Free Weigh, Knutsford

With an emphasis on refill, reuse, repurpose, rethink, The Plastic Free Weigh in Knutsford is a treasure of a shop. They offer a range of click and collect points around the county as well as having a permanent home at Knutsford market. 

Like the rest of the shops they have a great range of products including the much needed and rarely seen eco hair bobble!

Logo for The Refill Round a zero waste shop based in Cheshire

The Refill Round, Lymm

A zero waste shop with a difference The Refill Round in Lymm brings your shop direct to your door. Unlike the other shops mentioned, they don’t offer zero waste food options, instead focusing on refillable items that can be bottled.

All of there deliveries are carried out by cargo bike and just like a milkman they will collect your empties to reuse.

Notable mentions

These two shops are not in Cheshire East but are close enough for many to visit. Day Zero is a zero waste shop in Buxton, Derbyshire they are a family run business that focuses on offering packaging free shopping that is affordable.

Em’s Easy Eco in Bramhall opened in September 2020. They offer a wide range of items including some fantastic zero waste snack options including crisps!

Photo of the inside of a zero waste shop showing a range of refillable products.

That should round up some of the very best zero waste shops across Cheshire East where you can buy your household necessities, gifts, clothes and other items with a clear conscience.

If you know of any other zero waste shops that should be added to this list please let me know in the comments below.

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